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Money | Space Coast Store

Is there a special discount for new Groups?

Yes, there is a $35 one time discount for new Groups. While checking out you will be given the opportunity to apply a coupon. The coupon is called: New Group. You may only use it once. If you are not a new Group please do not attempt to use it.

Why buy from our store?

If you’re going to buy $1,000 or more it *might* behoove you to check prices from the World Service Office or the Florida Regional Service Office, but the vast majority of Groups will get better total prices from us. For example, let’s take a typical Group...

Why did all the prices decrease?

Actually the price is the same when we add in sales tax (7%) and estimated shipping charges (6.5%) as shown in the cart and checkout pages. We did this for three reasons. The first was transparency as to what was being added to the retail prices as set by the World...